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Leading the church toward a deeper, more meaningful relationship with Jesus, through Spirit-filled worship


  • Centered in a strong Christian faith, filled with integrity and committed to living out the mission statement and core values of The Bridge
  • A servant-hearted team player, eager to work together for the good of church family and the greater community
  • Holds a degree in a related field, or has equivalent experience designing worship experiences and leading worship (full or part time)
  • Has a strong desire to lead their team, acting as a catalyst for developing and deploying the spiritual gifts and talents of others

Job Description

Worship Director @ The Bridge | Full Time

Desired Start Date: January 1, 2020 (or sooner with the right person)


This person needs to be centered with a strong Christian faith and filled with integrity. This person must have a passion for the Mission Statement and 7 Essentials of The Bridge. This person needs to be a team player, ready to work together for the good of the church family, and be able to receive critical feedback. This person must have a servant heart, willing to serve the needs of the church community. This person needs to be a catalyst for utilizing the gifts and talents of ‘others.’ Person must have the spiritual gift of leading in worship / sensing the direction of the Holy Spirit.


  • A two or four year degree from an accredited college/university or equivalent experience is desired.
  • Two or more years of experience designing worship experiences and leading worship (part or full time)
  • A proficiency in singing melody and harmony as well as the ability to provide "on the spot" coaching for vocal parts
  • A proficiency in at least one harmonic instrument (ie guitar or piano) and the ability to coach other instrumentalists (particularly rhythm section instruments.)
  • Experience building and leading "Tech teams" in a church setting (sound, lighting, presentation, video, etc.)


  • 40-50 hours a week (some weeks more with special events and services example Easter)
  • Creatively lead and call people of The Bridge to a deeper understanding and practice of worship in their lives.
  • Coordinate/Lead multiple worship teams and leaders by creating a rotation for the Sunday celebration at the main campus of the bridge, and extend to other sites. This includes leading practice and training sessions alongside the weekly team leaders. Call out, train and walk with new leaders and teams musically, with an essential focus on properly training a heart for worship (discipleship).
  • Work with the teaching team and creative team as the point person designing the Sunday morning celebration to develop an order (flow), physical environment and overall worship experience that uplifts the Word and Sacraments, partners with the Holy Spirit and connects with/invites the people to worship. Communicate this each week to the Sunday Worship Leader and others involved in the Sunday event. Coordinate getting music and appropriate information to the teams.
  • Have Direct Supervision over the Tech Director to oversee the tech teams responsible for sound, ProPresenter slides, lighting and videography and ensure a connection with the Teaching/Creative/Communication Teams.


  • Active recruitment, development, and deployment of musicians at every age...
  • Getting children more involved
  • Developing youth bands in Bridgekids, Middle School, High School, and College.
  • Active development of worship teams at other local ministries: Bridge Church Plants and Partner Ministries
  • Additional Use of special music and artistic worship expressions – Music, art, dance, spoken word, creative video
  • Possible connection with on campus ministries
  • Additional Direct Instruction and training for worship leaders and musicians at The Bridge (teaching theory, skills, etc.)
  • Catalytically bringing “worship” into more of The Bridge’s teams and ministries
    • Women’s ministry
    • Men’s Ministry
    • Leading times of worship for the Overseers
  • Proactive utilization of the Operator of Worship
  • Proactive development of the worship team – through conferences, retreats, etc.


  • Work in partnership with the Operator of Worship on Budget Planning, Team Development, and Strategic Growth
  • Be directly accountable to and receive support from the Lead Pastor and Director of Ministries.
  • Overall accountability to the BOO (Bridge Operator and Overseer) Team.

Want to know more about Worship at The Bridge?

Keep reading to hear about our current worship team ministry, from our Worship Operator, Adam Brown.

Hello there 🙂

My name is Adam Brown, the current “Operator” for the worship ministry at the Bridge. My volunteer role consists of helping the worship director to succeed in his/her role. I’ve written up the following to try to give you and other applicants a feel for where the team is at right now, which will help you to discern not just whether the bridge is the right place for you, but whether you’re the right person for the role.

As of right now, we have around 30 volunteers in the ministry of varying commitment levels. While this is a large number of people, we find ourselves consistently needing more volunteers. This is mostly because the weekend commitment for one of our team members when they sing/play for a weekend is around 10 hours (3 services with at least one rehearsal/soundcheck.) While this is the current set up, we are always trying out different approaches to organizing our team and are open to new ideas!

Perhaps one of the biggest differences in your role at the bridge, as compared to similar communities is that you’ll be expected to empower others to lead worship. That is to say, the better job you’re doing, the less you’ll be in the spotlight.

Broadly speaking, the current level of musicianship among our volunteers is intermediate. While we have seen the level of musicianship rise substantially over the last two years, we also know that there is a lot of room for growth. All current team members are proficient enough to play with a click, tune/maintain their instruments, and learn parts from a recording, even if it’s not in the same key as the original track. Our team is also able to make changes on the fly, including part changes and song form changes. I think that the biggest room for musical improvement is being able to stay cohesive together and consistency in tempo (either with the click or off it.) While our team members are able to transpose parts/songs, most are not able to do so on the fly without help. Thus, “Nashville” or “numeral” charts are not an option at this point. Also, vocal pitch is something that we’ve improved at, but still need to work on!

From a spiritual perspective, our team is in an amazing place.  Under Will Alderman’s direction for the last three years, the team has become really comfortable with following the lead of the Holy Spirit - whether that means making last minute changes if they feel led, or by changing the form of a song on the fly. Most team members are also comfortable grabbing a microphone to pray, speak a word they feel led to say, or share something from their personal life to help make the lyrics of a song more relatable.  Will Alderman left the church in August 2020 to work on his doctorate and he couldn’t have left the worship team in a better place.  The volunteers are incredibly dedicated, they care for each other, and most importantly, most are deeply committing to applying the seven essentials to their life.

The best way to describe our “style” as a worship team is probably to just list recent setlists.  We try to introduce “current” songs regularly, but also make room for hymn remakes, as well as some worship “classics.”  Here’s a list of the last 20 songs that we’ve played:  

Great I Am, Mighty Cross, How Deep the Father's Love, I Love You Lord, What a Beautiful Name, O Praise the Name, Lord, I Need You, Do It again, Amazing Grace, Raise a Hallelujah, Goodness of God, Refiner's Fire, Yes and Amen, In Christ Alone, Gone, King of My Heart, Awake My Soul, Holy, Holy, Holy, Cornerstone, He is Yahweh, No Longer Slaves, Christ Be Magnified

Here’s a few links to some previous live streams to see some of what I’ve discussed in action:  (Music at 38:30 and 132:00)  (Music at 54:00) (Music at 15:00)


Feel free to reach out with additional questions!

Adam Brown
Worship Ministry Operator

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