The New Year of 2021 provides Bridge disciples
with a
unique opportunity.  

We are declaring January - March 2021 to be a new season of :


  • Weekend Teaching
  • Bridge Academy
  • Men's & Women’s Bible Study Groups
  • Edge Academy for Students


  • Personal Journaling
  • Middle of the Day Challenging Questions 


  • Implementing Spiritual Disciplines

We’re asking all Bridge Disciples to decide now to make the next 3 months be an intentionally focused time of spiritual growth!

Step 1: Create an Intentional Plan

Click HERE to download a copy of the My Intentional  Plan worksheet, and use the links below to read about and register for available courses.

Step 2: Share Your Plan

Ideally, you will share your Intentional Plan with the people in your House Church group.

However, we are also offering special  Overseer Listening Sessions f
rom Sunday January 10 until Wednesday January 13th. 

Our Overseers are making themselves available to meet with you personally (over ZOOM) for about 20-25 minutes to hear your specific personal Intentional Plan, and to:
  • To offer encouragement
  • To pray specifically for you
  • To confirm your ‘date’ of completion and time to report what happened.