The New Year of 2021 provides Bridge disciples
with a
unique opportunity.  

We are declaring January - March 2021 to be a new season of :


  • Weekend Teaching
  • Bridge Academy
  • Men's & Women’s Bible Study Groups
  • Edge Academy for Students


  • Personal Journaling
  • Middle of the Day Challenging Questions 


  • Implementing Spiritual Disciplines

We’re asking all Bridge Disciples to decide now to make the next 3 months be an intentionally focused time of spiritual growth!

Step 1: Create an Intentional Plan

DOWNLOAD YOUR PLAN: Click HERE to download a copy of the "My Intentional  Plan" worksheet.

REGISTER: Registration has closed for the Bible Studies and most Bridge Academy classes. We have two classes available for Intentional disciplship if you missed the deadline for the other options. (Check out the below digital classes! CORE: Creeds & Confessions and How To Read The Bible.)

Step 2: Share Your Plan

Ideally, you will share your Intentional Plan with the people in your House Church group.

We did offer special  "Overseer Listening Sessions" at the beginning of the month but if you missed those appointment dates and would still like to meet with someone then email to talk about Zoom meeting options available.  

Whether you meet with your House Church group, setup a time with Overseers, or share your plan with an accountability buddy, we hope (and suggest) you find someone who can:
  • Offer encouragement
  • Pray specifically for you and your goal
  • And confirm your ‘date + time’ of completion to report what happened!