Raise the Roof Campaign

Beginning this November, The Bridge is launching a 12-month campaign called Raise The Roof.

We are inviting you to be part of something that will impact people in our church for years to come. Over the next 20-25 years, kids who are currently part of our Kindergarten classrooms will be starting families of their own, serving as leaders in our church, and continuing the outward focused be one | make one mandate of our church. Our prayer is that they will not need to worry about the roof or parking lot of our church building, or be laden with a large debt for these projects.

We invite you to take a closer look at the improvements we hope to invest in as a church, and prayerfully consider joining us in this effort to equip our space for our future!

Renovation Projects

Replace the Roof

As most of you know, for the past 5 years we have increasingly been aware of the precarious situation we are in with a roof that is almost 10 years beyond its expected life span. It’s time to face the reality: We need a new roof to ensure the long term protection of our building. 

We have selected Grand Renovations to install 50 Year Tamko Premium Shingles. 

The cost will be $135,000, and we have scheduled this work to be done in August 2020.

Replace the Parking Lot

We have also worked hard to get more life out of our parking lot. Three times in the past 8 years, we have had extensive repair work done on the worst areas of cracking. We repair, re-seal, and re-stripe and then each Spring, the thaw demonstrates the futility of our efforts. It’s time to stop repairing our parking lot, and replace it entirely.

We have selected J Allen & Company to install our parking lot.

The cost will be $250,000 for the parking lot, and we have scheduled this work to be done in October 2020.

Expand the Kids' Park

There is one more enhancement of our exterior that we believe is both important and desired. We plan to create a much improved Kids’ Park area around our current playground. We will be excavating into the hill in order to build a nice covered picnic area with built in seating for parents, put a nice looking fence around the playground, and spruce up our playground equipment.

By doing some of this work with volunteer labor, we can keep the cost of this project around $15,000.

One of our Seven Essentials is stewardship: enthusiastically leveraging the resources we’ve been given, with a goal of advancing the kingdom. Part of being responsible stewards is making informed and intentional decisions about how and where we assign Bridge finances. We want to make improvements that are not cheap, quick fixes, but are quality, long-term solutions. After extensive research, our Finance and Facilities Teams have selected vendors and materials that we believe will best provide high-quality, long-lasting improvements. We are confident that these investments in our building and grounds will serve the Bridge family and our community for decades to come!

RAISE THE ROOF: Click below to give to this campaign!


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